The WSBA is about promoting and enjoying the model shipbuilding hobby. 

We are a “scale” model club.  Models are representative of a actual boat or type of boat, either static or operational.  Radio-Controlled models attempt to recreate authentic operation and look like a full size boat.  We make some exceptions like R/C-ing a toy boat or making a R/C Shark, Duck, Goose or Roger Rabbit on his jet ski.

The club holds monthly meetings on the second Thursday.  At the meeting we conduct club business, plan, preview and recap events, and discuss our model building projects.  Often members and guests will bring models to show, or to request help with an issue.  Meetings typically last about an hour. 
Many members come early just to see their friends.  Guest are always welcome!

The club participates in several events through out the year.  During the summer we meet very informally on Sunday afternoons from about 1pm to 3pm at Sheridan Park pond in Cudahy, Wisconsin.  This is dependent on weather, pond conditions, and events scheduled that weekend.  The WSBA holds a permit to use Milwaukee County Parks with the Sheridan Park facility in Cudahy as our home pond. .  This means members can operate a non-internal combustion model boat on any suitable Milwaukee County Park pond without prior permission.  The only requirement is to be courteous to others using the park.

If you need help with model boats, please contact us.  You don't have to be a member.  Club members have varying talents, they are very knowledgeable and glad to share.  We all like messing about with boats, big and small, and welcome the opportunity.

Membership is open to anyone who has a interest in the model boating hobby.​ 



  • Meetings are well attended
    Meetings are well attended
  • Our gratious host - Summit Credit Union
    Our gratious host - Summit Credit Union
  • Lots of friendship and laughter
    Lots of friendship and laughter
  • Sheridan Park in Cudahy, Wisconsin
    Sheridan Park in Cudahy, Wisconsin
  • The view when you drive up
    The view when you drive up
  • The subject is  . . .
    The subject is . . .